For more than 20 years, Carole Venutolo, a lyric Soprano, is happy to lend her voice to serve the great humanitarian causes.

She has been instrumental in making the opera discover to an audience from all walks of life through the archipelago of the islands of Guadeloupe and is constantly creating shows that want to be true bridges between Cultures.

Its creeds :

"Music is a universal heritage that does not suffer from any ethnic, social or geographical boundaries"

"Music is a trait of union between Cultures and Generations"

"Love is the key to everything"

Musical Journey

This powerful Soprano voice is soon noticed through opera arias, at the annual performances of the arts Alliance at the Centre for Arts and Culture at Pointe-à-Pitre.

Winner in October 2001 of the regional competition (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana) of lyrical voices, she represented Guadeloupe for the first time in the National competition of lyrical singing at the Opéra de Massy.


It was at the age of 10 that this Guadeloupe made its debut at the Alliance of the Arts of Guadeloupe in the class of Piera Zamia.

It is very early to notice this powerful voice through opera arias, at the annual representations of this Organization at the Centre for Arts and Culture of Pointe-à-Pitre.

Later, in parallel with her graduate studies in international trade, she joined the International Conservatory of Music Alfred de VIGNY in Paris.


Back in Guadeloupe, founding member and Association LYRIKADO Whose aim is the promotion of Vocal Art in this archipelago, it is performed as part of the annual operatic singing Concerts given by this Association to the Centre for Arts and Culture and to the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul from Pointe-à-Pitre, the Artchipel and the Cathedral of Lower Earth.

She is found on stage in various events such as the Concert given by the large Vocal Ensemble of Toulouse in 2000.


In 2001 and 2002, it participates in the Delgrès Ignace and Solitude memorial Concert St Peter and St Paul's Cathedral, organized by the City of Pointe-à-Pitre and the "Amadeus" School of Music, as well as the Concerts of the Instrumental ensemble the Knights St Georges of Guadeloupe under the direction of Luigi GRECO.


In 2003, his voice was heard respectively at the multicultural Gala of Guadeloupe "The soul of the bottom", and the Concert "Lokans Sacred Voices" Organized by the city of Baie-Mahault as part of the festival of Music.


In 2004, the OPERA TRIO of which she is the Soprano, occurs on the occasion of the Festival of Music at the Centre of Arts and culture of Pointe-à-Pitre, as well as in opening of the artistic programming of the Artchipel of Lower Earth.


2005 is a year rich in very diverse events: it occurs alongside the tenor Caleb SEJOR as part of the show « Red Opera » In Guadeloupe and Music Festival of Fort-de-France in Martinique. It is also found as part of the concerts given with the chorus "Friends of the Opera" led by Caleb SEJOR.

His voice resonates at the old factory reassigned from Beauport with the operation "Les Nuits de Beauport" and especially "Creole Opera" Which was a very strong moment of this season.


In 2006, she played the role of Mercedes in Bizet's "Carmen", 1st Opera presented in Guadeloupe.


Cap on 2007 with the show « Sun OPERA », One of his creations, which will make the opera go on stage to meet the world music! Unpublished in Guadeloupe!


In 2010, it mounts an original concept of free lyric Concert in the open air « Lyric night » In partnership with the municipalities of Guadeloupe in order to introduce to the greatest number the Lyrical Singing. A first!


In 2011, his new show « The OPERA-KA » Where the opera and Gwo Ka find themselves on stage the moment of a concert is a real success.

In February 2011, his voice accompanied the inauguration of the magnificent organ of old inhabitants in Guadeloupe.

She conquered the Guyanese public in October 2011 as part of the concerts given at Cayenne and Kourou "From the flower to the voice."


In 2013, she presents as a quartet (organ, voice, violin, cello) a concert of sacred songs « Organ singing » At the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul of Pointe-à-Pitre and the Church of Baillif.


In 2014 she participates in the Festival "Musicians in Guadeloupe" At the Artchipel of Lower Earth and in 2015 it will participate in the firstEra Edition of the "Festival musicians in Martinique" At the Atrium.

She's celebrating her 20-year-old stage in 2015! With many programmed concerts including 2 anniversary concerts "20 Years!" October 02 and 03 at ACT Memorial At Pointe-à-Pitre.

She was also the guest of honor to VILL'OPERA November 28, 2015 in Baie-Mahault.


In May 2016, at the Church of the Carmel of Lower Earth and at the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul of Pointe-à-Pitre, she interprets as Soloist accompanied by the choruses VOX Sirenis and DA cantare the "Cantata for Peace" under the Direction of the famous choir leader Bernard LALLEMENT.

In November 2016, she released her 1st Album "Open Skies" Which is intended to be an artistic and solidarity project for the association I exist that frames autistic people in Guadeloupe.


In 2017, it receives the distinction of the Gold Medal for volunteer Services For his involvement in the humanitarian action in Guadeloupe, putting his Art to the service of his civic commitment.


This Soprano has been constantly in the course of these many years to propose performances which, in the background as in form, have largely contributed to the democratization of Lyrical Singing in Guadeloupe.

Its commitments

From 1996 to 2009:

Lyric Concerts LYRIKADO In favour of the disadvantaged childhood of Guadeloupe and its archipelago in partnership with the General Council of Guadeloupe and the DASD.

2005 Church of St. Francis:

Lyrical Concert for the sickle children of Guadeloupe alongside the Rotary Club

2006 Church of Saint-Claude:

Lyric Concert for the benefit of the Christmas tree of the destitute children of Saint-Claude alongside the Society St-Vincent de Paul.

2007 Centre Sonis aux Abymes:

Lyrical Concert in favor of the telethon.

2008 Concert Church of the Carmel of Lower Earth:

Lyric Concert in the framework of the national days of the French Red Cross.

2009 Church of Capesterre Belle-Eau:

Lyrical Concert around the values of "living together," in tolerance,
Love, sharing, generosity, alongside the municipality of Capesterre Belle-Eau and the municipal Office of Culture.

June 04 and 05, 2010

Godmother of the event "Lyannaj Pou Otis" organised by the association "I exist" in favor of autism in Guadeloupe.

23 October 2010

Participation in the day of the fight against cancer at the stage of the mould with a "AVE MARIA" punctuating the ceremony of the lights

14 May 2011:

Participation in the day of the fight against cancer in Guadeloupe at the stage of the mould during the ceremony of the lights.

25 May 2011:

Lyrical singing Concert at the hospital Centre of Capesterre-Belle-Water, a first step to integrate opera as part of the animations proposed in the hospital environment in Guadeloupe

19 October 2011:

Lyrical singing Concert at the Centre Hospitalier Maurice Sanam in boiling.

from 03 or 09 June 2012:

Godmother of the national Quest of the Red Cross in Guadeloupe.

December 2012:

Godmother of the telethon in Guadeloupe.

16 March 2013:

Participation in the concert organized by the Kiwanis Club Dean of low land at the church of Carmel to fight maternal tetanus.

11 May 2013:

3rd participation in the "ceremony of the Lights" on 11th may organized by the League Against cancer in Guadeloupe.

From 1 to 8 June 2013:

Godmother for the second consecutive year of the National Quest of the Red Cross in Guadeloupe.

March 2013:

Participation in the "Women's Cry" Festival that denounces violence against women.

06 Dec 2013:

Participation in the lyrical singing concert "DrépanOpéra" organized by the Rotary Club of P-to-P/Jarry to fight sickle cell anemia in Guadeloupe Salle Robert LOYSON – the mould.

March 2014:

Participation in the "Women's Cry" Festival in the lower Earth archipelago.


Godmother for the third consecutive year of the QYouNational e of the Red Cross in Guadeloupe.

02 and 03 October 2015:

Birthday concert of the Soprano "20 years is celebrated" to the Mémorial ACTe to Pointe-à-Pitre, To the cause of autism in Guadeloupe with the association " I EXIST Lyannaj Pou Otist "Don'tCerYouS AnDon'tIVersaIRe of the SOP.RHasDon'tO "20 HasDon'tS ItHas SE FEYouE "to the memoRIAl ACYouE to PointEToP.ItRE, ProFit Of(e) The cause OfE I'AuItEMS in Guadeloupe with the'HasSsoBelowHasYouIODon't« I'EXISYouE TheYannaI Pou OtIST ".

05 December 2015:

Lyrical Concert organized at the boarding school of Versailles to finance the monstrance of the chapel.

06 and 07 May 2016:

Two concerts for peace with the choir Vox Sirenis under the direction of Bernard LALLEMENT at the church of Carmel in Lower Earth and at the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Pointe-à-Pitre.

February 2017:

She receives the distinction of the Gold Medal for volunteer Services For his involvement in the humanitarian action in Guadeloupe, putting his Art to the service of his civic commitment.

26 May 2017:

Concert of the Kiwanis Kaladja des Abymes to finance their social works at St Michel du Raizet church in Abymes.

19 June 2017:

Godmother of the 9th World Day to fight sickle cell anemia.

23 June 2017:

Concert "The Voices of Love" at the Cathedral of Lower Earth as part of the 9th World Day to fight sickle cell anemia.